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How To Throw an Awesome Weed Party

Are you tired of throwing booze fueled parties that never end, that leave your house messy and have the neighbours sending dirty looks your way every time they use the barbecue? It’s easy to get sick of that situation, but luckily there’s a perfect alternative. How about a good old fashioned weed party?

Throwing a weed party doesn’t need to be difficult, but it can go wrong rather quick. Don’t worry though, if you follow these easy steps the event will be seamless and full of laughs. Not that a cannabis fueled party could go any other way!


Set Up Your House

Don’t jump into the lazy line of thinking – “My friends have already seen my house, what’s the big deal about decorations?” You want to do more than have a comfy couch for everyone to sit on – it’s going to be a weed party like no other!

The absolute basics to cover is having your chilling area filled with an assortment of blankets, pillows, comforters and cushions.

A few things to consider in setting up for your weed party:

Seating: Group circle, bed for two, couch for one, or outdoor seating depending on the weather.

Upon entering: A pre-rolled joint area to welcome people in – this’ll get the party started off properly. No one will complain if they arrive and spark up right away.

Lighting: Candles, tea/decorative lights, or dim lighting if you prefer.

Visuals: There are so many classic and obscure stoner moviesCheech & Chong, Fast Times, Half Baked, Grandma’s Boy – if you have a projector, put on something in the background for those that just want to chill out and get lost in the visuals.


Have a Good Weed Selection Going

Weed Party Needs Selection
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Having an out of this world weed selection will definitely excite all those attending. Not everyone likes to smoke, not everyone likes to vape, and not everyone likes to eat cannabis so choose a wide selection of cannabis strains to reach out to everyone – at least one sativa, one hybrid and one indica. Of course, sativas bring out the social and energetic side in people and you can expect heavy indicas to mellow your guests out. Selecting 4 or 5 different strains with really different effects is a sure-fire way to light up the night. Plus a variety means there’s something for everyone.

This extends to offering different ingestion methods as well, from smoking or vaporizers and concentrates, edibles (more on that below), lighters on hand and plenty of varied strains of weed. Also, depending on your budget, hopefully you can pre-roll some joints to get the party started and spoil guests.

Once you have the layout setup you can think about stocking up on accessories.


Stock Up on Smoking Accessories

Part of setting the vibe and making your guests feel comfortable is the assurance that you’ve got your accessories stock up for everyone to use. That means no running low on papers or having only 1 bong, vape or pipe going around. This might be a lot to ask if you don’t exactly have the biggest collection but you can always ask a few friends (politely) to see if they wouldn’t mind bringing a few pieces.

In preparation, you probably already do this but clean your glass – soaking your pipes and bongs in a cleaning solution the night before your weed party because you’re a refined weed connoisseur!


Prepare For The Munchies

If you want to quell the munchies, curating a yummy selection of snacks is just as important as getting the best kush. Snack options need to be on point. But if you want to go the extra mile over pizza and dips you can make your own pot-infused edibles. There are guides on making  marijuana edibles as well as cannabutter, which could be a great base of making any desert you like. Or you can make cannabis gummies, or our favourite, weed ice cream!

Otherwise everyone loves mini sliders, sushi, pasta dishes or tacos which is a step up from pizza. When it comes to beverages mango juice is full of Myrcene, which will increase your high.


Atmosphere is Everything

Weed Party Needs Atmosphere
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Cannabis heightens the senses, making ambiance super important to throwing an awesome weed party. Setting the mood transforms any party from a dud to stud and you can do this with good music playlists, lighting, food and a variety of weed on offer, with a comfortable atmosphere and good energy.

While we love Bob Marley and Willie Nelson, if your friends are generally more into Indie, Jazz, Instrumental or Acoustic playlists then go for it. Generally a lighter playlist is a safe choice so that the music isn’t the central focus or distracting.

Part of getting a good atmosphere going is by breaking the ice between guests, and one way is to get into party games (you’re never too old). Cards Against Humanity is hilarious and going to get people laughing or for you can convert drinking games into vape hits games!


A Weed Party Like No Other

With cannabis you have to create more of an experience and be more sensitive to people’s needs. If you can set up your house with steady background beats, good visual stimulation, and fill the evening with appropriate scents and tastes for a relaxing atmosphere.

Everybody’s got their own tastes, and having a little something something for everyone really lifts the parties mood.

Have a great time…we wish we were there!

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