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Great Weed Games to Play While High

Let’s face it, although there are plenty of people who would consider themselves a “lonely stoner”, lots of us prefer to meet with a group of friends and indulge. Do you ever find that without engagement from everybody in the room can get a little quiet? No need to let the room fall into silence, let’s play some weed games.

All you need for most these games are your lungs and a few good friends to share some laughs with. If you like having fun and smoking weed, then you’ve made it to the right place!


Best Weed Games to Play While High

1. Dab Out

weed games - dab out
(Photo by abhishek gaurav on Unsplash)

I know we mentioned these stoner games would be memorable, but when it comes to Dab Out, that’s probably a flat out lie.

Dabbing, if you’re not familiar, is a method of consuming cannabis concentrates with a “rig” bong. Simply, when dabbing, you’re way, way high on cloud cannabis nine.

Here’s how Dab Out works:

Players start by rolling two dice, with the highest roll going first. Whether this is a good thing or not probably depends on your tolerance. Players move across the board in a Monopoly esque fashion, with challenges and questions sprawled across. While this game may sound like it’s a great way to green out, the players that land on a “take a dab” square can choose to opt out by doing the dab dance

Dab Out is the epitome of lets see how stoned we can get over a two hour period. Which for some may be exactly what the doctor ordered.


2. Bong Pong

weed games - bong pong
(Photo by Blake Lisk on Unsplash)

No, you haven’t misread the title. Bong Pong is a stoner game twist on the classic drinking game Beer Pong. The twist lies in what players consume. Instead of drinking a beer when you miss, your enjoying a bong hit instead.

If you’re not familiar here’s how Bong Pong works:

First, you should have the following…

  • 12 or 20 cups (plastic cups work best). Set these up like bowling pins.
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • A way to smoke weed (through a bong or rig is recommended)
  • A long table, better if it’s rectangular.

You should also play with at least two teams (the more the merrier). With the above, set out your cups just like beer pong and fill them up with water. We don’t really condone filling the cups with alcohol, but it’s your choice, you can fill them up with beer. It’s way more fun than simply sitting on the couch and hitting a bong!


3. Chicago Weed Game  

Chicago Weed Game
(Photo by Willjones from Instagram)

This sounds like an easy game at first, but you might be surprised at how challenging this gets. The purpose of ‘Chicago’ is to hold in the hit until the joint makes it back to you.

Here’s how Chicago Weed Game works:

Get together around 5 people in a circle, and light one up. One person says ‘Chicago’ and every person in the group agrees to start the game. The first person takes a hit and passes the joint/vape to the next person in the circle. The person who takes a hit has to hold in the smoke until the joint comes back to them. When the joint comes back, only then can the player breathe out. If the player coughs or fails to hold the smoke in until it’s their turn again, that’s it, the player’s out. The last person standing wins!


4. Traffic Lights   

Happy green traffic light.
(Photo by Martyn Goddard)

This weed game is very similar to Chicago Weed Game, but it’s better to play with only 2 players total, 1 vs 1.  Here’s how Traffic Lights work:

The first player takes a toke, holds in the smoke and passes the joint. The smoke can be exhaled once the joint is passed back. The next player does the same, therefore completing round 1. However, in starting round 2, the number of hits is increased by one. So, on Round 3, each player will be taking 3 hits and holding it in until the receive the joint again

Good luck on this one!


5. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing - Weed Games
(Photo by Kjekol from Envato)

So…this weed game is probably best left for the end of the night, because the result usually ends with players experiencing “lights out”, as the name suggests. Last Man Standing is ideal to play on a day when you have absolutely nothing to do.

Why? Because in Last Man Standing there’s one rule: smoke until you can’t smoke no more.

This may be the most simple and easiest game to play in the whole list. Basically keep sparking and passing joints, bongs, pipes, dab rigs and vaporizers until the competitors give up.If you’re the last man standing, and everyone else can’t take anymore, then well done. You’ve won! 


6. Green Jack

Green Jack Weed Game
(Photo from Nikhils Magic Shop)

Green Jack is our take on Blackjack, also known as 21. You’ve probably played it with your buddies, since the rules are straightforward and the game is very, very common.

Instead of winning chips, money or the like, the winner of the round is prized with a bowl or a bong rip!


7. Geography Weed Game

Geography Weed Games
(Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash)

If you can’t think quick, then you’re going to get super stoned very fast. That’s the point of the Geography Weed Game, where somebody begins by naming anything related to the theme of Geography. That can be a country, city, street, military base, or geographical phenomenon.

The next person in the circle has to think about the very last letter of whatever the word is, and name a place beginning with that letter.

If I started the game and said ‘Australia’, then the next person will notice the last letter in that word is ‘a’, and may come up with, ‘Antarctica’. And it goes on until somebody becomes stumped and can’t answer quickly enough. Then that person has to smoke.


8. Power Hour

Power Hour Weed Games
(Photo by Dave Eagles from KTW File)

WARNING, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Just kidding, but now that we’ve got that out the way, playing Power Hour is really easy.

The original Power Hour is 30-60 minutes of pouring a shot of beer until every person has downed 60 shots of beer…Power Hour as weed game is way more fun, and you don’t get the nasty hangover. Turn on a Power Hour mix from YouTube. Every minute, or pre-specified amount of time the song will change and when it does take a puff from your piece or joint.

This might be a end-of-the-night game because all we can say is that by the end of Power Hour, you’ll be wanting a nap.


9. Cards Against Humanity

Weed Games Cards Against Humanity
(Photo by Tom Bullock on Wikipedia).

This party classic has been turning lackluster events into something out of a comedy flick for years. If you haven’t gotten introduced to cards against humanity just yet, you’re definitely missing out. You don’t have to be the funniest person on Earth, but knowing your friends humour goes a long way to taking home the championship.

Here’s how Cards Against Humanity works:

1 player each turn will read out loud the question card, and all others must lay down their best answer in a fill in the blank style. The person who reads the question card then decides who had the best response. If you didn’t win that round don’t worry, the question master probably just isn’t funny anyways.


10. What Do You Meme: Stoner Pack

This is THE game to figure out how you can create the funniest memes out of your friends.

In today’s day and age, memes have virtually become a currency. They bring so much laughter and smiles to the world, they are literally worth their weight in gold. Who wouldn’t rather have a dog for president over a Donald Trump?

The creators of What Do You Meme know how to make a game, and with their Stoner Pack, it’s hands down one of the best weed games on the market, if not the best. This add on pack requires the original to play, but it adds the whole stoner flair to your What Do You Meme deck.

For those who haven’t played, it’s very simple. A meme card is drawn and players have to play their best caption. Just like Cards Against Humanity, the one who drew the card selects the winner

Get some duct tape for your rib cage, it’s going to be a side splitter kind of night.

The creators of What Do You Meme know how to make a game, and with their Stoner Pack, it’s hands down one of the best weed games out there.


Throw a Stoner Game Weed Party!

Weed games are a great way to get the gang together and have some fun without drinks involved. While you may smoke a bit more weed than expected in a night, that’s pretty alright by any standards!

If you have any more suggestions or didn’t see your favourite weed game on here, let us know! For now we know that these will be more than enough to enjoy a few solid nights.

Now that you’ve got some stoner games in your tool case, all you need is some weed. Enter here for all your cannabis needs!

Have fun and toke safely!

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