Why Wake and Bake Might Be The Perfect Way to Start Your Day

The idea of using cannabis in the morning may seem like a horrible idea to some. Why start the day off with an activity that makes you lethargic and lazy? Or, what’s believed to have the result. 

But for those who understand the nuances of strain-specific benefits of cannabis and oils, lighting up a freshly packed bowl in the morning for a wake and bake might be just what the doctor ordered. 

It might provide you with the energy and focus to get you through the day, especially if you have the right strains

Still a little skeptical of smoking weed in the morning?

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to grab your bong and take as many hits as you can before work. Let’s clear the air and go over a modern-day wake and bake.




What Does Wake and Bake Mean?

To wake and bake, one must simply consume cannabis in the morning.

It doesn’t need to be the first thing you do, although some “purists” may say this is blasphemous. 

Some say that a wake and bake must be first thing in the morning — but this just isn’t true. 

Hell, I know plenty of people that aren’t even awake until their first cup of coffee which isn’t hours into the day. 

This is unless you are medicating with cannabis and require it first thing in the morning. To ease pain or treat another ailment, it’s best to wait a bit anyway. 

It’s important to gather yourself and clear your head before getting on with your day. Whether that includes some deep breathing or splashing some water on your face. And the same applies for cannabis. 

But hey, if it’s your day off and you want to get stoned first thing, that’s up to you.

Those days can also be extremely fun and I wouldn’t want you to stop you from enjoying it.


Benefits of a Wake and Bake

The benefits of smoking weed in the morning are plenty. 

As I mentioned, most people think that a wake and bake is barely rolling out of bed and getting as high as possible. 

This is still a very acceptable method, but not one that is very productive and sustainable for a healthy lifestyle.

In terms of the benefits, I’m going to start with the medical wake and bake. 

Some might deal with arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’s, depression, to start. 

They simply need to take their medicine. The only reason this is considered a wake and bake is that we’re using cannabis in the morning.

There is a whole range of other ailments that cannabis can treat. They may not be able to step foot out of the house or bed without it. In most cases, these people would be using cannabis oil, pills or extracts for exact measurement.

Being a medical cannabis patient isn’t the only time when a wake and bake is suitable. 

As you might know, certain cannabis strains can provide a boost of energy. If you’re feeling groggy or lethargic, a hit of Green Crack or Honeydew Haze can help greatly.

Not only those who are tired can enjoy smoking weed in the morning. Social anxiety can be a real crippler, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. 

If anxiety is creeping over you, find yourself a high CBD strain such as pennywise. You can also opt for a CBD tincture or extract to ease you through the day.

The benefits of a wake and bake are well recorded, especially when done properly. 

Research your strains, extracts and oils and their benefits to make sure your wake and bake is beneficial! Here’s a complete guide to our favourite strains. 


The Science Behind Wake and Bake

It’s important to know the science behind a wake and bake. 

Most users claim that smoking weed in the morning feels stronger than normal. 

Is this a real effect? Or just an illusion of an early morning smoke. Well, the facts are still a little murky.

When we wake up, our body is lacking nutrients. As well, we are still trying to gather our equilibrium and get our feet planted. 

When THC and it’s wonderful supporting cast is being injected first thing, it can make the effects feel much stronger. 

Yet, this is still anecdotal. More research is still needed, but one thing that has been explored is the companionship of cannabis of coffee.

Studies show that 75% of Northern Americans consume coffee daily! In an interview with Live Journal, Dr. Ferre spoke on the combination of cannabis and coffee.

“Caffeine increases tremendously the effects of a psycho-stimulant, including THC and cocaine. So, any substance that releases dopamine, including THC, its effects are increased by caffeine.”

With that being said, it’s important to take it easier if combining both. Especially if you are a novice consumer.




Harms of Smoking Weed In the Morning

For those that require cannabis as medication and to function, this doesn’t apply. 

The harms of a wake and bake come from those that are using the drug recreationally every day to get high. 

Like drinking alcohol in the morning, cannabis use first thing in the morning can lead to dependence. This can then quickly lead to abuse.

Cannabis is not seen as addictive and even less physically addictive. But that doesn’t stop it from being abused. 

Smoking weed is great, it feels amazing and is relatively safe. This leads many to smoke up 24/7. This in itself isn’t physically damaging, but can lead to mental dependence and cause a lack of motivation for some.

In reality, having a wake and bake every once in a while for fun isn’t harmful. Just don’t get used to doing it every day and things will be alright.


How to Plan for Wake and Bake

So it’s your day off, and you have a clean schedule except for a few errands and a hang out with some friends.

Or maybe you want to work on some art all day and do some puzzles. Or maybe you have to go to work but a little buzz is needed when your mood is low. 

It’s the perfect day for a wake and bake! So, what are the steps and how to plan for a wake and bake?

1. Picking an Awesome Morning Strain

It’s important to know what kind of strain you have when smoking weed in the morning. If you only have night time, heavy sedating strains, then it might be best to find yourself another variety. 

You may just find yourself taking an afternoon nap before you know it. Blue Hawaiian and AK47 are very mentally activating strain that helps keep you up.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

When we wake up, our bodies tend to be dehydrated. Smoking weed in the morning isn’t going to help this either. 

Make sure before you get that first blunt in to drink some water. Drink some water before, drink some while smoking and drink more water after.

If you need some motivation to drink more fluids, follow r/hydrohomies on Reddit for constant reminders.

3. Eat Breakfast

As I had mentioned earlier, our bodies are lacking vital nutrients in the morning. If a wake and bake is on the menu, then a good breakfast should be right after as well. Our bodies are a temple and should be treated as such.

A solid breakfast consisting of fruits, veggies and protein will keep your high on point. 

Did you know mango will actually make your high stronger? All the more reason to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

4. Set a Schedule

If your day happens to be free, it can get easy to let time pass after a wake and bake. This isn’t always a bad thing. 

It’s top notch to sometimes just get stoned and listen to music. But that’s best saved for the end of the day.

Set a list of goals to accomplish, or activities and hobbies that you’d like to do. 

Without this, you might get lost scrolling your phone and waste a perfectly good morning smoke.

5. Get Fresh

If you have to head to work after smoking weed in the morning, then make sure to tidy yourself up. 

The last thing you need is to get distracted and realizing you have 5 minutes to leave for work.


Wake and Bake with a Side of Caution

The allure of a heavenly wake and bake is undeniable. Sometimes we need that little bit of motivation, or a much-needed smile to get the day going. If so, then smoking weed in the morning is for you. 

Take the necessary steps to plan your wake and bake. I don’t want you to waste a day or morning because you got really stoned and forgot to leave your bed.

That being said, you have to figure out for yourself what works and doesn’t. Check out our range of flowers and CBD to help you along. 

Maybe you’re a master of smoking weed in the morning. But there’s only one way to find out! 

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