Good Songs to Listen to When High

20 Good Songs to Listen to When High

Listening to music is a timeless experience. Regardless of your age, gender or background, there’s always going to be a musical genre that will ignite your soul.

What’s even better is mixing in a little cannabis alongside the tunes. And there’s literally an unlimited amount of good songs to listen to when high.

To be fair, an unlimited amount of songs is quite a lot to sift through, so we’ve narrowed it down for you. This list may feel a little all over the place in terms of genre, but that’s just a reflection of everyone’s musical taste!

Grab your stash jar and your favourite music player, we’re going to count down our favourite 20 songs to roll up and smoke to. These aren’t in any particular order but feel free to make your own list after and share it with us. Enjoy!


1) Kid Cudi: Day ‘N’ Nite

The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night. This instant classic was the smoking anthem for many that appreciate smoking weed late night and enjoying their own company.

Kid Cudi rose to fame with his song Day ‘N’ Nite, deservedly so, as it’s a fantastic song to listen to when high.


2) FKJ: Waiting

For those that haven’t heard of FKJ, you’re more than missing out. His unique blend of French Jazz and house is a refreshing take on music.

Short for French Kiwi Juice, FKJ’s Waiting is a smooth trip through a musical adventure. There’s not many guarantees in this life, but Waiting is guaranteed to fill the soul.  


3) Willie Nelson: Georgia On My Mind

Ah Willie Nelson, his love for music and cannabis goes very much hand in hand. While he didn’t make many songs directly speaking on marijuana, his life away from the mic was always up in smoke. From countless charges of possession and being outspoken about the peaceful herb, he’s been a major contributor to the ever growing acceptance of cannabis.

Georgia on My Mind is a great way to introduce Mr. Nelson into your life. He’s not the type to come barging in, but might politely knock and ask if can borrow a gram of weed.


4) Portugal The Man: Feel it Still (Medasin Remix)

While the original is already an amazing song, Medasin’s twist to Feel it Still by Portugal the Man is easily one of the grooviest tracks to jam out to. It would be a lie to say I haven’t had it on repeat for the last couple of years.


5) Pink Floyd: Breathe Continued Onto The Great Gig in The Sky (Or Just the Entire Album)

Picking a single Pink Floyd song was like deciding dessert is your favourite. Right after picking your favourite, 2 more battle for the position and it becomes an endless loop. You could choose any, so we decided 2 would be best, and great thing they play as one long song.

‘Breathe’ is a good song to listen to while high and sober. However, if you are sober there’s a great chance you’ll feel lifted after dropping the needle.


6) Masego & FKJ: Tadow

What you are about to witness is history in the making. We happily allot another slot for FKJ, this time featuring Masego. This duo is quickly revolutionizing what music should be, and make it look effortless at that.

Tadow is an 8 minute experience in musical bliss. If you appreciate a sweet jazzy bassline, plenty of live saxophone and a modern spin, then be sure to make some time in your life for Tadow.


7) Kaytranada: Lite Spots

Lite spots is a fresh reintroduction of the R&B scene in Canada that has predominantly been dominated by mainstream pop. Kaytranada is a welcome sound in an otherwise lacking market.

Fun fact. Kaytranada’s song, ‘At All’, was nominated for a Juno in 2016, but was later disqualified because the award committee had not done their homework and realized the song was released prior to the cutoff time.


8) Cypress Hill: Dr. Greenthumb

The Cypress Hill boys have been releasing good music to listen to while high for years. Hits from the Bong being easily the most recognizable and listened to.

The Dr. Greenthumb music video itself is equally responsible for how great this song is, which is not an understatement by any means.


9) Soil & Pimp Sessions: Funky Goldman

Funky Goldman is produced by the lively Jazz Sextet Soil & Pimp Sessions. Don’t be surprised if their inescapable sound is your new favourite go to while rolling a joint.

Just so you know, while they are a sextet, only 5 play instruments or sing, Sahcho is basically their hype man. I believe every good band needs a Sahcho.


10) Dennis Lloyd: Nevermind

Thanks to a BMW commercial, Dennis Lloyd’s Nevermind has gained more popularity than I think he could have ever even imagined.

Just to make the experience even better, I’ve included the 10 minute version for you. If there’s one thing to say about Dennis’ music, it always ends far too soon.


11) Calvin Harris: Rollin

You may be thinking, what is Calvin Harris doing on a music to listen to when high list. But here he is, and Rollin is exactly what you need after a long day at the office and you’re on the porch with the amber sun setting in the background.


12) Big Wild: Empty Room (Cabu Remix)

While Empty Room is definitely classified as Dance/Electronic, it’s slow paced and chilled out vibe speaks other words. It’s relentless laid back vibes can fill up any airspace and relax even the most tense of situations.

The Cabu Remix almost feels like a natural progression of the original, and should be seen as equal. Turn your speakers up, light a thai stick and have fun melting into bliss.


13) Flamingosis: A Mile High

In all honesty, there isn’t a Flamingosis song that is bad to listen to while high, they’re all great. However “A Mile High” will make you feel at least a couple miles high after listening.

If you liked this song, then you’ll be pleased to announce Flamingosis has a never ending library of tracks just like it. More than enough for an all night session!


14) Sublime: Doin’ Time

It’s a damn shame that lead singer of Sublime, Bradley James Nowell, passed away from a heroin overdose. Doin’ Time was released just after his death in 1996 and became an instant classic.

This funky beat and uplifting vibe is sure to bring a smile to your face, anytime, any place.


15) Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze

Another legend that burned out far too fast was Jimi Hendrix. If you haven’t ever heard Purple Haze, then you’ve either A) Been living under a proverbial rock, or B) Maybe you just don’t know his music, which is alright because we’re not all perfect.

Purple Haze is hands down one of the greatest songs of all time, and in turn is quite possibly one of best types of music to listen to when high. His use of the electric guitar is unmatched, and he even played it “upside down!”


16) Cream: Sunshine of Your Love

While Eric Clapton was known for using substances other than cannabis, none of which we promote or encourage, Sunshine of your love is no doubt a must listen to after a nice session.

It’s easy going bassline and laidback lyrics are sure to appeal, even for those that don’t necessarily like “rock”.


17) Mac Miller ft. Wiz Khalifa: Keep Floatin

R.I.P. Malcom “Mac Miler” McCormick. Your music will live on forever and will continue to shine. Keep Floatin is one of his earlier tracks, teaming up with fellow Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa to produce this sensational smoking joint.

Unfortunately, we’ll never get another smoke track from the duo, but what we can do is appreciate what’s in front of us.


18 ) Mr. Probz: Waves

This has been the summer anthem for years, and without a doubt, a good song to listen to while high. Waves is a piece of artistry that gets you into a relaxed mood, every single time it comes through those speakers.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling like almost floating away, slowly drifting, wave after wave.


19) Masego and Medasin: Sunday Vibes

With their individually cool sounds, it’s no surprise that when brought together Masego and Medasin are a musical treat. Their smooth stylings blend effortlessly and without friction.

Sunday Vibes is exactly what you need after a wake and bake to get the day started right!


20) Bob Marley: Jammin

Alright we’re Jammin, I want to jam it with you!

Just like so many of the artists on this list, it was exceptionally hard to choose just 1 Bob Marley song to smoke to. Because, well, we all know that pretty much every song he was rolling a spliff to, so we should join him.

If I were to make a time capsule and fire it into space, Jammin would easily make the cut. Your soul could always use a little bit more Marley in it.


Music to Listen to When High, What’s Your List?

It goes without saying that, when you have good music to listen to while high, the day is that much better. Our lives have been landscaped to benefit from music. Just like cannabis, it lifts our moods and can create a brighter outlook for the day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this countdown and found some new gems to add to your stoner playlist. With that being said, roll up and enjoy the beats!

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