How Long Does CBD Last? Effects of Edibles, Concentrates and More

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a cannabis plant that can help ease various ailments. On the rise in the health and wellness world, CBD is all the talk for its natural benefits, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian West (whose fourth baby shower was CBD-themed) also endorsing and popularising the oil.

Cannabis use is a controversial topic for some but it’s worth noting that CBD is not the same as THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol AKA THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that makes its consumers have the psychoactive “high,” while the former is not psychoactive. This means there’s no need to fret over a mind-altering “high” sensation when implementing CBD into your routine.

The benefits are vast –  it is said that CBD can help relieve physical pain, alleviate symptoms related to certain mental illnesses and cancers, treat acne and other skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also appealing for both young and old consumers as it’s able to be ingested in various different ways. 

Considering all of these benefits, it’s natural to wonder how long a dose of CBD oil might last. 

The question remains, is one consumption method more effective than the other?


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How Long Does CBD Last With These Different Methods? 


It’s claimed that CBD can remain in your system for several days after consumption. This especially rings true if CBD is infused into edibles such as gummies, which pass through the digestive system. 

How long does CBD last for edibles consumption? Effects from extremely potent, high dose edibles could potentially linger for several days depending on your individual digestive function but as with CBD oil, are felt most potently for at least 6-8 hours. 


How long does CBD oil last? There are several factors that can impact CBD absorption. As with most substances, effectiveness is determined by the frequency of use and dosage. CBD is fat-soluble and is stored in fat cells – those who metabolise fat faster can expect to experience the effects for a shorter period. 

That being said, CBD oil should start working within 30-60 minutes and tangible effects can last, on average, for 6-8 hours.


Unlike the above 2 consumption methods, vaping doesn’t involve an actual ingestion process. 

Instead, the CBD is inhaled. This is beneficial for those seeking a short-term solution to their pain since the CBD is breathed directly into the body, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The downside, however, is that the effects will not last as long.


Smoking any substance is guaranteed to create an instant impact; smoked substances enter your lungs and are absorbed directly into your bloodstream just like vaping.

However, much like vaping, smoking CBD will not last as long compared to ingesting it through oil or edibles as you’re breathing it in rather than it sitting in your stomach.





Concentrates such as CBD dabs and isolate are almost entirely CBD. Consisting of nothing more than the CBD compound itself, you won’t find a more potent substance out there than CBD isolate. 

 This means they’re going to be extremely potent and will enter your system with almost immediate effect. Like vaping, however, this also means they’ll leave your system a lot sooner than CBD-infused edibles or oil, with some claiming the effects can last anywhere between 1-4 hours.


Topicals are salves and lotions that are applied directly onto the skin, providing instant pain relief to affected areas. Often used to alleviate bone and joint ailments, CBD topicals also help the skin as they tend to be combined with natural ingredients that promote skin hydration. 

Topicals differ from other CBD-infused treatments that produce immediate effects (such as vaping or concentrates) because it can take a few days, rather than a few hours, for the substance to exit the body.


How Long Does CBD Last Explained

As CBD grows in usage and in mainstream discourse, it’s being studied more and more on an academic level. The research on its health benefits are still ongoing but are already huge. Current research has unearthed CBD’s efficiency in providing pain relief and helping soothe numerous chronic conditions. 

However, when including new substances into your routine, it’s always worth consulting a medical professional to discuss potential side-effects and interferences with other medication before starting a course of CBD.

Ultimately, there is still room for further developments to be discovered but, in the meantime, it is helpful to understand how long CBD lasts for each consumption method and, from there, make an informed decision as to what’ll suit your needs best.

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