How to Roll a Joint in 4 Easy Steps

Have you ever been asked to roll a joint, only to be left looking at the other person like a deer caught in the headlights? It’s a very natural reaction, and you’d be surprised by how many cannabis consumers don’t have the skill in their arsenal. Well, with our easy guide you can add this weapon of how to roll a joint to your artillery.

While it may be a bit intimidating at first, and believe us when we say, you’ll have your fair share of deformed and less than stellar joints in the beginning, don’t quit! You’ll get better as time goes on.


Supplies Needed for How to Roll a Joint

Learning how to roll a joint is a piece of cake, but first, we must gather our supplies. Without them, well, we have nothing to roll! These are the essentials you’ll require to dive headfirst into the world of spliff rolling.

  • Your favourite cannabis strain. Preferably something that isn’t dry, as it will be much harder to roll.
  • Rolling papers. The 1 ¼ inch size is perfect to start.
  • Filter paper. We suggest using a proper hemp based filter paper.
  • Weed Grinder. Scissors work if this is not an option.
  • Luck. Just kidding you don’t need luck, just 2 feet and a heartbeat!

Now that we’ve collected all of our handy dandy equipment, it’s time to rock and roll. The moment we’ve all been waiting for, let’s learn how to roll a joint.



Step 1) Grind your Marijuana

This step goes a long way to rolling the perfect joint. If your weed is still chunky, there’s a good chance that it’ll turn out very poorly. Grinding it up to smithereens is also frowned up, and it’ll be even harder to roll. We want a nice middle ground, where it’s light and fluffy.


Step 2) Prepare your filter and Rolling Paper

(Photo by Gabriel Côté on Unsplash)

Some people prefer not to have a filter, for whatever reason. Some say that it affects the taste, while others claim it’s unhealthy. This does have some validity, but only when using materials that have ink or plastic on them. This is why we STRICTLY promote the use of hemp based filter tips. This will prevent any harmful chemicals or materials being burned.

To create a filter, simply make a few folds, and then gently roll the filter. We’ve attached a little clip to help make this process easier.

Another tip for all you how to roll a joint beginners, is priming the paper. Simply roll the paper gently up and down, in the motion of rolling a joint and erase some of the stiffness. This isn’t necessary by any means but will make it easier in the beginning.

Place the filter at the bottom of the rolling paper and proceed to step 3.


Step 3) Add the Main Ingredient, Cannabis!

(Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash)

We’ve made it this for, ain’t no going back now! There’s 2 methods that can be applied at this step. You can roll a perfectly even joint, or make a “cone”. For those that don’t know what a cone is, well it’s exactly how it sounds. A joint in a cone shape.

By adding more cannabis in the front of the joint, and tapering out closer to the filter, we’re left with a cone shape. This is our preferred method as the joint itself burns slower and more evenly.

This isn’t necessary by any means, and can be skipped if desired. However, packing the joint nice and lightly is essential. Simply use the rolling paper pack and gently pack the cannabis. Not too tight, as it won’t burn properly or at all, but nice and evenly so it’s not loose and flying all over the place.

Keep your hard hats on, we’re moving on the real work and the most important step of our how to roll a joint guide, that is, rolling it up.


Step 4) Rolling your Joint

(Photo by Maria Badasian on Unsplash)

Welcome to the grand finale, you’ve made it this far and, well as far as we know, you’re still alive. This is where finesse takes over. And a little bit of practice never hurt either. You want to carefully “massage” the joint so that it’s in the exact shape you’d like. After a few massage rolls comes the tricky part.

Lots of people tend to “fold” the joint in, which will either not work, or leave you with a joint in the shape of a wilted tree branch. We preferably don’t want either of these situations to arise. To get that clean and perfect joint that would make Cheech and Chong proud, we’re going to tuck and roll that baby home. Watch the video to get a feel for what it looks like.

Once you’ve got the roll down, lightly lick the the top part where the glue is and finish off the roll.

Ta da! You’ve officially learned how to roll a joint! Even if she may not be the prettiest, time and practice will heal all wounds.


Best of luck on all your how to roll a joint endeavors!

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