How To Make Shatter Safely At Home

Making shatter on your own is a very dangerous undertaking to attempt. But the thought has crossed your mind, right?

There’s a reason why people earn degrees and undergo extensive training before they are trusted with the duty of making cannabis concentrates. The mere fact that very powerful chemicals are introduced into the equation poses a threat to your health and safety.

The idea of DIY shatter sounds enticing, but before you try tackling making the original shatter at home, we want to encourage you to consider looking into something known as shatter BHO.

Let’s get into it! But first, exactly what is shatter?

how to make shatter properly

Shatter 101: The Definition of Shatter

Made from cannabis, shatter is one of the 3 primary options for concentrates. Shatter is a very thin, hard version of cannabis, and while it usually contains higher levels of THC than CBD, some strains of shatter are more CBD-dominant.

Shatter received its name based on the fact that it quite literally shatters and crumbles when you take a dabber to the concentrate. It breaks apart very easily, making it an excellent option for people who are looking for an alternative to very sticky cannabis concentrates. Moving on from the physical texture of shatter, the concentrate also looks very aesthetically pleasing.

The beauty of shatter is a major factor in the attention that shatter garnered when it made its debut in the cannabis industry. But looks aren’t everything, and shatter brings much more to the table than its appearance alone!

So, is making shatter on your own even possible?

Nearly identical to shatter in terms of its effects and its appearance, shatter BHO is a safer way of making your own product. First, we’ll talk about the process of making shatter on a professional level, and then we’ll discuss how you can make a copycat version of shatter yourself!

how to make shatter

Behind the Scenes: The Process of Making Shatter

Shatter is different in the way that it is processed towards the end, but initially, the process of making shatter is not unique.

This concentrate is made by combining the naturally-occuring essential oils, terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, but this might sound like an incredibly familiar process because nearly every cannabis concentrate is made in this manner.

And like all concentrates, shatter undergoes an extraction process. The cannabis compounds, flavonoids, terpenes, and essential oils are combined, and then, something known as a solvent is added to the equation. It doesn’t necessarily matter which of the various appropriate solvents is introduced, but there are limitations as to what solvents are acceptable. The four most common solvents are CO2, butane, isopropyl, and hexane.

Now that you know the process of making shatter, let’s get cooking!

A Recipe for Shatter at Home

As mentioned, you should never try making shatter when flammable and dangerous solvents are involved, butane being the only exception. Even though butane poses a threat to your safety, it is the most controlled and accessible solvent for the average person.

Professionals are equipped with the resources, training, and know-how to make shatter in a safe way, but that is not possible for people at home. For that reason, we highly recommend following these steps instead.

Ingredients for Making Shatter

To make shatter at home, you will need…

  • One ounce of marijuana flowers
  • Something to act as an extraction tube
  • A dish for holding the finished product
  • One coffee filter
  • Single strips of parchment or wax paper
  • A few loose razor blades
  • A canister of butane
  • Electric range
  • Double broiler

Step 1

Take the ounce of marijuana and place it into the extraction tube.

Step 2

Spray the butane through the hole in the top of your extraction tube, and make sure the marijuana flowers are completely saturated with the butance.

Step 3

After saturating your cannabis, it’s time to start the part where your attention needs to be undivided.

Step 4

Take the double broiler, fill it up, place it on top of your electric range, and cover the top part of the boiler with the dish, allowing for the butane to evaporate.

Step 5

Get rid of the remaining traces of butane by going through the process known as a vacuum purge operation, which will eliminate nearly every amount of butane that is remaining.

Step 6

From there, take the razor blades and use them to scrape the shatter off of the bottom of the dish, placing it onto parchment or wax paper so that it can cool down. And just like that… You have your own shatter wax concentrate!


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