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How To Make Hash In 4 Ways

guide to different ways to make hash

Guide To Different Ways Of How To Make Hash

Most people are pretty familiar with hashish, or hash, nowadays. What was once revered as a unique commodity of the Middle East, hash is now popular around the world.

Hash is a potent cannabis extract – in relative terms. Hash isn’t quite as strong compared to some of the more powerful extracts available nowadays, such as shatter, oil, and wax. These more potent extracts tend to require much more complicated equipment and can be tough to make at home.

On the other hand, hash is pretty easy to make DIY. In fact, to make the simplest forms of hash, all you need is a bunch of marijuana, some patience and your own 2 hands.

Finger hash isn’t the only type of hash that you can make, though. In this article we’re going to talk about some of the different kinds of hash that you can whip up right in your very own kitchen.

different types of hash

Different Types of Hash and How to Make Them

There are lots of different types of hash. Here are some of the most popular types of hash that can be easily made at home, and a quick summary of how you can make them.

Hand-Rolled / Finger Hash

Hand-rolled finger hash is definitely one of the easiest ways to make hash, but it can also take a fair amount of time. In fact, if you’re hoping solely to make hash, this might not be the best choice – finger hash is often made nowadays as a byproduct of handling large amounts of cannabis.

On the other hand, if you frequently handle large amounts of cannabis, then you’re probably already familiar with finger hash. One of the easiest ways to make finger hash is just to partake in trimming a bunch of weed.

As you work with the weed, the trichomes will stick to your fingers. There’s no set amount that you need to gather for this to be effective – just scrape the resulting product off your fingers and smoke away.

Pro tip: make sure that your hands are very clean before trying to make finger hash. Alternatively, wear rubber latex gloves and pull the hash off of them (though this creates unnecessary waste!)

Kief Hash

Kief hash is also really easy to make and can be done once you’re finished with a big bag of weed or when you’re finished grinding up a bunch.

Making kief hash requires a pollen press, which is normally used to compress bee pollen into usable pellets. It also works fantastically for helping to compress kief into perfect bricks of hash. All you have to do is load your kief into the pollen press and turn the knob.

Keep in mind you actually need to apply quite a bit of pressure here. Once it’s pressed, screw the other side off until your hash pops out.

Blender Method

The Blender Method is similar to another popular method known as flat screening, and requires a silkscreen as well as a blender. This provides quite a bit of hash, but requires a bit more effort than flat screening which just involves rubbing trimmings on a silk screen.

For the blender method, put your weed trimmings into a blender. Add enough water to cover up the trimmings, then add some ice and blend the mixture up.

Next, pour the mixture through the silkscreen and into a glass jar. If you leave this alone for a half hour, you’ll notice that the trichomes – the goodies – will end up settling to the bottom of the jar.

You can’t get ‘em yet, though. Next, try to empty as much of the water as you can without losing any trichomes by pouring it out very slowly. Then, refill the jar with ice water, let it sit for a few more minutes, and drain most of the water again. The more times you repeat this (up to about 5 times) the better quality your hash will be.

When you feel like you’re done purifying it and are left with a jar with (hopefully) very little besides pure trichomes, pour the whole mixture through a coffee filter. Squeeze the extra water out, then let the product dry into fantastic hash.

the different types of hash


Charas is another type of hash that is very common in India and Nepal. The end result is a product that’s pretty similar to finger hash. The main difference is that charas is made using clippings from plants that haven’t actually been harvested yet.

If you want to make charas, take some cuttings from plants that are about 2 or 3 weeks away from being fully matured (although some people wait until just before harvest). Afterwards, you follow the same technique as you do for making finger hash.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Hash

There are lots of different types of hash that you can make at home. The methods are generally quite simple and don’t require a great deal of expertise or equipment.

Now, you understand how to make some of the more popular types of hash that you can find nowadays.

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