What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil or CBD Isolate: Which is Right for Me?

The world of CBD is ever expanding and gaining traction in many facets. This cannabinoid has unexpectedly gained major attention from doctors and scientists across the world.

Being a new product on the market, it’s going to take time for the masses to catch up with the many different CBD products. Here, we’ve decided to do our part by informing the important differences between Full Spectrum CBD oil and pure CBD Isolate.

And as a result, you’ll be able to find which one better suits your needs, so, let’s begin.  

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Understanding the Differences between Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate

While it’s easy to think that Full Spectrum CBD oil and CBD Isolate are the same, in reality, they are quite different from each other. In simple terms, Full Spectrum CBD oil is a whole plant extract, meaning many cannabinoids and terpenoids are still present. This is a major advantage for most, as it takes advantage of the Entourage Effect.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil uses the Entourage Effect



The Entourage Effect is used to describe the combined effect of cannabis’ cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids throughout the body. It isn’t unique to cannabis, but due to its very diverse cannabinoid profile with so many health benefits, it gets mentioned often. The Entourage Effect offers a synergistically created benefit where multiple compounds work together to intensify the therapeutic use of cannabis. This leads to a more balanced approach when using CBD products.


CBD Isolate Advantages

While Full Spectrum CBD oil may seem like the clear cut choice, CBD isolate does have it’s vantage points. First off, CBD Isolate will always be THC free. Meaning that there are absolutely no psychoactive effects when using this product. Those worried about a high of any sort can be rest assured that there are none associated with isolate.

Not only that, but certain conditions, such as epilepsy require very high amounts of CBD to curb associated symptoms. People who are using CBD to prevent their seizures may require up to 400 mg a day! This is far more than you’d be able to achieve with most Full Spectrum CBD tinctures.

With isolate being on the cheaper end and available in larger amounts, this suits well for when larger doses are necessary.


Dosing Information For Full Spectrum and CBD Isolate

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While dosing CBD, it’s good to understand how each interact with your body. CBD Isolate’s use is shown to present itself in a bell-shaped curve. Under a certain amount it will have very little physiological effects. Unfortunately, after a certain amount as well, the effects of CBD Isolate begin to decrease, even with a high dosage. This remains to be a challenging issue for those who require higher amounts of CBD and have little other viable solutions.

Full Spectrum CBD oil on the other hand is much easier to find and attain your biology’s “sweet spot”. Thanks to the  Entourage Effect we covered earlier, the therapeutic effects of CBD are felt at a much lower dosage. This allows us to control our intake amount and desired effects. And when you gradually increase the dose, the effects are expected to increase as well.


How to use Full Spectrum CBD Oil or CBD Isolate

As a general rule of thumb, starting with a low dose and working your way up is the best procedure in ensuring you receive your unique correct dose. To aid in anxiety relief, 5mg in the morning and 5mg again in the afternoon is a suggested starting point. For pain relief, you can expect to start at 10mg in the morning and again as needed.

Those looking to relieve insomnia are recommended to start at 20mg of CBD, 30 minutes before bed. Any other ailments, other than epilepsy, it’s recommended to start with 5-10mg in the morning, and again in the afternoon. Feel free to scale up as required. It may take some time to find yours, but with a little titillation, you should be able to find your perfect dose!


Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Contain Psychoactive Compounds?

Moving over from CBD Isolate to a full spectrum product can be nerve racking due to the desire of not wanting any psychoactive effects. This is completely understandable, but have no worries – this fear is unwarranted.

Canadian laws state that any hemp derived CBD products, such as tinctures, oils and creams must contain less than 0.3% THC. This is far below the threshold required to produce any noticeable psychoactive effects.

Also, such a low amount of THC is extremely beneficial for our bodies to absorb CBD. While CBD itself can bind to our brain receptors, with low amounts of THC, it “Piggy Backs” and is converted much more effectively. Again, as mentioned earlier, this amount of THC has no psychoactive effects.

Certain Full Spectrum CBD oil products will however, be extracted from high CBD cannabis sativa strains. These will be marked on the bottle itself and will have the Canadian government’s THC warning label. Even in these cases, the amount would be 1% to 3% THC – which may still provide uplifting sensations to those who are sensitive.


Selecting the Right CBD Medicine for Yourself

While certain conditions will find better resolve with an extremely high dose of CBD Isolate, often Full Spectrum CBD oil is the more viable option. With the latter, you’ll experience all the beneficial properties of cannabis’ many compounds as they were meant to be experienced.

Research into cannabis, and CBD in general, is still in its infancy. With more information pouring in daily, this field of research will expand and begin to flourish in the blink an eye. The cannabis sativa plant is an extremely complex organism with bountiful benefits to explore.

In the meantime, it’s clear for most cases, switching to or using a Full Spectrum CBD oil product is the way to go. However, that’s up to you to decide!


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