Don't Buy a Dry Herb Vaporizer Unless You Know This

Don’t Buy a Dry Herb Vaporizer Unless You’ve Considered These Factors

Medicating with cannabis has come a long way, especially in recent years with seemingly endless streams of information pouring in daily. With the explosion in people switching over from notoriously harmful pharmaceutical pills to a more natural and green alternative, it’s no wonder purchasing vaporizers has become so popular. Particularly dry herb vaporizers.

There are plenty of methods to consume cannabis, some safer than others. While smoking in either a joint or pipe has been the gold standard for years, the time has come to choose healthier alternatives. And thanks to dry herb vaporizers, many people have.

While purchasing a dry herb vaporizer may seem simple, there are many nuances to it that can change which direction you decide to pursue. So instead of getting lost in not knowing, we’re going to cover the ins and outs of purchasing a vaporizer, specifically the dry herb variety.


Table-Top vs Dry Herb Vaporizer

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This may seem obvious, but the first step in deciding which vaporizer is right will be its ultimate goal. Are you required to medicate on the go? Do you work from home and spend most your time there?

Is it more for a recreational purpose, where you want to have friends over and vaporize in larger bags? This will all play a major role in which route you choose.


Table-Top Vaporizer

The table-top vaporizer is the godfather of commercially produced vaporizers. These vapes are, more often than not, used at home, and require to be plugged-in to function. This may not be suitable for some, but those who may not need to medicate all day, every day, they will find this option better suited to them.

Table-top vaporizers are also equipped with a much more accurate temperature gauge, which is perfect for selecting the desired effect from your cannabis. Setting the temperature may not matter to many, but it should, as it’s crucial in garnering the best experience.

Not only are they far more accurate in ways of temperature settings, more often than not, table-top vaporizers are much better suited for larger crowds. If you plan on having a session with more than yourself, this option is the way to go. A large balloon can and will easily allow 2-6 people enjoy and medicate.

While the table-top vape is a tried and tested model, it does have it drawbacks that portable vaporizers handle well. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a portable dry herb vaporizer


Portable/Dry Herb Vaporizers

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If you have ailments and conditions that require continuous medication throughout the day, then a table-top vaporizer is out of the question. This is where the handy dandy portable dry herb vaporizer comes into play. A portable vape is next to none when it comes to medicating on the go. They came in all shapes and sizes, with a style that suits everyone.

The advantages of portable vaporizer over a desktop version are more than you can count one hand. A handheld dry herb vaporizer fits in your pocket and goes anywhere you do. They’re the ninjas of the vaporizer world, hiding in plain site from everyone’s eyes. While many have come around to the healing properties of cannabis, not all employers or social circles have stepped out from the dark ages.

While it may not be an issue for some, the fact is portable vaporizers are usually far cheaper to purchase than a table-top vaporizer. Now, this is not always the case, as there are handheld vaporizers that run into the high hundreds, but more often than not, one can be purchased for around $100. A fair price to pay for the health benefits, not to mention the savings that you receive from consuming far less cannabis!


Table Top vs  Portable/Dry Herb Vapes – How to Choose

When selecting a vaporizer, it all comes down to preference. If you don’t require vaping during the day and/or it’s more for pleasure versus necessity, then a table-top vaporizer may be ideal for you. For those are in need of a discreet and mobile medical application, then the portable vaporizer is right up your alley.

Now that you have an idea of what you may be looking for in a dry herb vaporizer, let’s take a quick look at what’s inside and makes them tick.


Dry Herb Vaporizer – Convection or Conduction?

Dry herb vapes will come with either a convection or conduction heating element. While very similar, and can be seen as the same to the inexperienced eye, yet they function differently enough to be worth knowing what sets them apart.

If you have any experience in a kitchen, or live in a house with a newer oven, the concept of convection vs conduction may not be so foreign. However, those who are new to this realm may be scratching their heads wondering what the heck the difference is.

Convection models are the latest and greatest in the field. Instead of using a heating element applied directly the cannabis, which may cause a bit of combustion if applied for too long and at a high heat, it uses a liquid or gas. This, in turn, creates a more balanced heating method and evenly vaporizes the cannabis without leaving certain areas activated better than others.

While convection vaporizers are the norm now, it’s good to note that conduction dry herb vaporizers are still on the market and come at a cheaper price point. This may be better suited to those who are just entering the world of vapes.

Either way, have no worries as the switch over to a vaporizer from smoking cannabis is beneficial regardless of the vaporization method!


3 Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers + 1 Legendary Table-Top

(Photo by Eugene Sapozhnikov on Flickr)

There are many dry herb vaporizers to choose from, as with anything, some betters than others. Since there aren’t as many extremely poor quality vaporizers out, it’s always best to steer clear of the lower end vapes. These 3 have received the best reviews and are often seen as the industry gold standard.

1. Pax 3

The Pax 3 is the 3rd installment in the Pax vaporizer line. It’s garnered the respect of and admiration of cannabis connoisseurs all over the world. It’s sleek design is second to none, and believe it or not it has  “Pax App” that lets you control a multitude of settings from temperature to colour from your mobile phone.

2. Crafty Vaporizer

Storz and Bickel has once again brought their A-Game to the vaporizer market. Their latest vape, the “Crafty Vaporizer” is breaking the mold. With only one physical button and the rest of the features on an app, it really is a major player in the vaping revolution.

3. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer   

Last but not least, the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is designed for the high-class vaper. Including a carrying case, cleaning glove, grinder card and alcohol wipes, it leaves no stone unturned. While it may cost a pretty penny, coming in at almost $400, those are not worried about the finances involved may lean towards this option. While we’re not saying it’s the best of all 3, it does come with a stacked accessories kit.

The Volcano

There’s something special about using a volcano – it may be the nostalgia, the huge balloons, or the fact that it’s been the king of vaporizers for so long that it deserves to retire the crown. Over the years, there have been adjustments and improvements made, but the basics are the same.

It’s a heavy duty table-top vaporizer that has an incredibly accurate temperature gauge. With the multitude of attachments and lore around it, there’s no wonder why the volcano has been in the poll position for many moons.


The Verdict on Purchasing a Dry Herb Vaporizer

While there’s no such thing as the perfect vaporizer, selecting the perfect one for your life is much easier when the facts are all laid out. While it may not be rocket science it does take some time to review all the factors and different styles of vapes.

Understanding your needs and requirements goes a long way to an optimal dry herb vaporizer regimen!

Best of luck!


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