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4 Tips to Know Before Buying CBD Oil on Amazon

If you’ve ever  searched for CBD Oil on Amazon, here are some crucial rules to know.



Legalization of marijuana has paved way to an immense growth in the cannabis industry. In midst of this progression towards a new and more balanced perspective on cannabis, hemp-derived CBD oil or cannabidiol oil has surged in popularity, providing more momentum to a once largely untapped sector.

What was once a highly stigmatized commodity is now bracing the shelves of dispensaries and online stores, one of them being the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

As CBD oil is widely available across the country, many third party vendors are turning to Amazon as their “go-to” platform for product promotion. When completing a search for “cbd oil”, however, you’ll likely be given a sea of results showing “hemp extracts”, “hemp seed oil” and “hemp oil extracts” – nothing in relation to CBD.

So what gives?


Amazon and CBD Oil

Amazon bans the selling of CBD despite the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill. This policy is explicitly stated in their list of restricted products but sellers of CBD oil are taking advantage of a unique loophole around this stipulation.

Here’s the scoop…

Since Amazon allows for the sell of hemp products such as hemp soap, hemp baskets and hemp clothing, sellers of CBD oil are essentially masking their products as hemp oils and hemp extracts. By associating their goods with hemp, they avoid having their product listing entirely removed by Amazon.

The truth of the matter is that while you can purchase CBD oil on Amazon, the ambiguity of these product descriptions are misleading to Amazon consumers simply seeking CBD oil.

In short, judgement in purchasing CBD oil is obscured due to these intended vague product titles. It’s then essential that consumers be equipped with a few tips under their belts before buying CBD oil on Amazon to ensure that they’re getting the real deal and not just a bottle of food grade hemp seed oil.

Check out the must-know tips below to be a better informed consumer!


Tip #1: Make sure it’s in a dropper bottle/tincture

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that you’re being duped into buying hemp oil void of any CBD lies in its bottle. CBD oil or hemp extracts tend to come in smaller concentrated amounts than pure hemp seed oil. To this point, seek out products that come in 1 to 2 oz dropper bottles with a pipette at the top and steer clear of larger bottles that look like avocado oil bottles.

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Tip #2: Check the label for hemp extract

CBD oil is often sold on Amazon under its alias name of “hemp extract”. As such, ensure that hemp extract is listed as a key ingredient on its back label. Specifically, it should be displayed under the supplement facts.


Tip #3: Real CBD oil is measured in milligrams

CBD oil can also be authenticated by its unit of measurement. Legit CBD oil is measured in milligrams which helps in determining ideal dosage size upon consumption. The higher the milligram content there is in hemp extract, the larger the amount of CBD it contains.

If you’re viewing a product deemed as “hemp oil” but does not mention hemp extract in milligrams, it most likely does not contain any CBD whatsoever. Remove this item from your cart and move on to the next!


Tip #4: Just ask!

If all else fails, just ask!

Simply message the seller of the product in question and clarify whether it’s truly CBD oil that they’re selling or not. You might also want to inquire about its hemp source. A good rule of thumb is to look for American-sourced hemp. This is because farmers are required by law to cultivate hemp on good conditioned US soil according to the new legislation changes.

In addition to this, do not be afraid to ask for the product’s lab results. By doing so, you can clear up any confusion as to how much CBD the product legitimately contains. It also helps to ensure that the CBD oil does not contain any unwanted pesticides, heavy metals or solvents.


CBD Oil and Amazon in Hindsight

As with any emerging industry, a lot has yet to be learned and clarified in the wonderful world of weed. Things can get murky especially when products make broad assertions with medicinal claims. Misleading information on Amazon is evident with many hemp products touting their ability to treat symptoms of sleeplessness, anxiety and inflammation – healing powers commonly associated to CBD oil.

By following the simple tips above, consumers can exercise awareness when purchasing CBD oil on Amazon.

Happy CBD shopping!


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