Does cbd show up on a drug test

Will I Pass a Drug Test Using CBD? Here’s What You Need To Know

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is starting to gain traction in the not just the medical community, but the cannabis community as a whole. CBD has a host of health benefits, but current legislation is presenting the substance with a couple of hurdles prevent it from being used en masse. One of these challenges is a mandatory CBD drug test required by some organizations and businesses.

Will consuming CBD cause you to fail a drug test? Should you be worried if you consume CBD

Can you fail a drug test with CBD?

Let’s get into the details and calm some of these fears.


Cannabis Drug Test –  Does CBD Show Up?

The short answer is a firm “no” but don’t rest too easily – there are a lot of factors in play that you may not have considered that could skew the test towards a positive result.

Cannabis tests today test for THC.  Otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the chief  psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” that users experience after consuming cannabis. This compound, and the compounds that your own body produces to process THC are the most prominent compounds being tested. .

Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and won’t get you high. The substance itself is not tested for on cannabis drug tests (which test for THC). CBD that’s sourced to create CBD tinctures, salves and tinctures is taken directly from hemp plants and not cannabis plants. These hemp plants tend to have virtually 0% THC.

With all that being said, not all CBD products are made equal and not all cannabis drug tests are administered equally. Different cannabis drug tests can use many different techniques to detect THC within the body and it’s at this stage where the risk of failure runs the highest.


Can You Fail a Drug Test With CBD – Different Kinds of Tests

cbd oil and drug test

Currently, the most prevalent corporate cannabis drug test is one that tests urine. In the United States, the American National Institute of Health and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration dictates that the cannabis test is a failure if THC can be detected in urine at levels greater than 50 nanograms/milliliter.

Aside from the cannabis urine test, blood and hair tests are the next best alternative. Although they’re rare, blood and hair tests check for an even lower concentration of THC (15ng/ml) and are used to check for THC that’s present in the body ranging from a few hours to a few days.

These are the tests that many cautious users should be wary of. THC can be deposited in the hair and can remain in the hair follicles anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. THC within hair follicles can be detected at levels as low as 0.10 pg/mL and are used to check for long periods of cannabis use.

CBD products in the United States are allowed a legal limit of 0.3% THC. At these dosages, an average person would have to consume over 2000mg of CBD oil per day to be at risk. To put that into realistic terms, you’ll have to be drinking CBD tinctures like water in order to reach those levels of saturation.


The CBD Drug Test and CBD Oil

can you fail a drug test with cbd

Unfortunately, there are other ways to fail a CBD drug test that involve more than the kind of CBD drug test your organization might administer – even if you don’t smoke cannabis or consume THC products.

Compound accumulation

THC is a compound which easily accumulates in the fatty tissue of our bodies. Because of this, it’s possible for your fatty tissue to slowly accumulate THC over time to reach levels that could be detected by a CBD drug test.

The state of current research states that THC can accumulate in fatty tissue and be detected for up to 30 days from the time of consumption.

Wrong concentrations and/or dosages on CBD products

CBD products and its derivatives have just entered the market and as such, current regulation and legislation controlling the substance is lackluster at best. CBD and THC levels within these products are largely unregulated and quality control to maintain low levels of THC in CBD products are dubious. Mislabeling of products and poor lab testing are common.

In fact, studies have shown that upwards of 70% of CBD products available on the market today are inaccurately labeled. A staggering 1/5 of products analyzed were found to contain up to 6.5mg/mL of THC – more than enough to induce a psychoactive effect in an adult.

Cross contamination

Cross contamination is another problem caused by poor regulatory controls in the realm of CBD products.

If manufacturers and producers fail to properly clean and/or switch out the agricultural equipment they use to harvest cannabis, it’s possible that low levels of THC may still be present.


Using CBD and the CBD Drug Test

cbd oil and the drug test

If you’re worried about potentially failing a CBD drug test, the best course of action would be to reduce your consumption of CBD products – especially if your CBD products aren’t prescribed by a medical professional.

A majority of the tests utilized by organizations test for THC that have been in your body for up to 30 days so be sure to consider this if you decide to limit your consumption. However, with a product that actually has the required 0.3% legal limit of THC, it’s better to consume the CBD product immediately before the test rather than a few days or weeks before.

The failure rate for a CBD drug test under a controlled environment for consuming a commercial dose of CBD oil is less than 0.2%. The reality, however, is that failure rates can range from 11-23%. This is due in part to the variety of CBD products available on the market right now and their poor regulation.


Things To Know Before a CBD Drug Test

If you’re a regular consumer of CBD products, here are 3 things you should keep in mind to avoid failing a CBD drug test.

  • Follow proper government and local laws related to the CBD products you are consuming.
  • Ensure your CBD product has no history of mislabelling or altering of product composition.
  • Consult a medical professional before conducting a drug test.
  • If you’re prescribed CBD products consider a signed doctor’s note before the test and disclose this with your employer in advance in case there are any difficulties.

Depending on your weight, metabolism and body fat, how long THC and CBD can stay in your system can vary. Ultimately, if you’re worried about failing a CBD drug test, it’s advisable to cease consumption of CBD products 1 to 3 months before your test.

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