How CBD Coffee Helps You Stay Calm and Productive

People have been taking advantage of the benefits of caffeine for years. But lately, the beverage space has unveiled a new trend – CBD coffee. It was inevitable, cannabis and coffee, 2 of the most widely used psychoactive substances in the world thrown together. 

But you might not be so sure about CBD and caffeine – after all, coffee makes you buzzed and CBD usually mellows you out. 

A combination heading for disaster, right? 

Don’t be so sure. Let’s take a look at how CBD and coffee combined will affect you and how you can use CBD coffee safely.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 




How CBD With Coffee Can Help: What Situations Can I Use It In? 

CBD is a cannabinoid, but rather than getting you high it produces a calming effect, which is a great advantage for certain situations. Many people enjoy the stimulant effect of caffeine but for some, that stimulant effect can make them feel jittery or even cause anxiety. 

CBD in coffee means that you can enjoy your coffee without those downsides. The CBD takes the edge off the caffeine but doesn’t prevent the caffeine from keeping you alert.

Because CBD doesn’t get you high, you can use CBD and caffeine in situations where using cannabis wouldn’t be an option.


Why CBD And Coffee Works: What Are The Effects? 

Using a stimulant at the same time as a relaxant may seem a bit odd, but in fact, the stimulant and relaxant effects mix well for calming effects. 

Users of CBD-infused coffee say that they feel alert but don’t experience the nerves experienced with drinking regular coffee. 

ournalist, Erin James, claims that her “life has changed for the better” taking CBD in her coffee: 

“I’ve come to love the calm yet ultra-productive effect it has on my morning mood when combined with cold brew. I feel happier and less worried or encumbered by stress.”

Despite the wave of positive anecdotes, the science is scant. And some health care professionals warn that it should only be taken by individuals without health concerns. 

Bonni Goldstein, MD, a physician specializing in cannabinoid therapy, told Healthline the combination should not be used for those with “serious medical conditions” such as autoimmune and seizure disorders as determining the correct dosage would be important. 


Tips For Using CBD And Caffeine Safely

As previously mentioned, if you have a medical condition, CBD coffee isn’t the ultimate way to get your CBD therapy. 

But if not, it’s better to start off with smaller doses and gradually increase the dose if you feel that’s needed. In the same way that cannabis takes longer to take effect if you eat it rather than smoking it. Bear in mind that it will take a little while before you start to feel the effect of the CBD in your coffee.

As for the effects, some people report that the combination increases your alertness without the jitters usually associated with coffee. 

You’re unlikely to come to any physical harm if you use too much CBD in your coffee, but if you use too much you may end up feeling sluggish. Again, it’s worth experimenting with smaller doses at first to find a level that suits you.




Tips For Using Coffee And CBD Effectively

Making CBD coffee isn’t difficult, although because you’re mixing a water-based substance with an oil-based substance, a little bit more work is involved.

If you want CBD oil coffee you need to infuse the CBD oil via something that’s oil-based. People commonly use butter or coconut oil. Often stirring isn’t enough. Try using a stick blended to ensure everything is mixed.

f you like your coffee sweet, CBD-infused honey makes the process much easier because you don’t have to worry about trying to mix an oil-based substance with a water-based substance. CBD-infused coffee beans are available. 

But the price of those can make this approach prohibitive if you’re planning to use CBD coffee on a regular basis. There are also cannabis coffee shops that will brew CBD coffee for you.


Final Thoughts On Using CBD Oil In Coffee

Although combining a stimulant with a relaxant might not be an obvious choice, a growing number of people are discovering the benefits of combining coffee and CBD. For some this is to enhance their coffee drinking experience. 

There aren’t really any major risks, but if you decide to try CBD coffee it’s important to make sure you get the dose right. Follow the instructions on the label and buy from a trusted source.

Get it right and you’ll be getting all the benefits of caffeine with none of the downsides. 

It’s worth trying, particularly if you like the stimulant effect that caffeine provides without the negative side effects.

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