The Absolute 9 Best Strains for Creativity and Focus

The world of art and creatives alike is an obscure area.

Music, art, fashion, crafts, writing and poetry. We’re conditioned to believe that certain folks are naturals at creating art and music so it’s better worth their time. 

Apparently, others shouldn’t bother because they don’t have that magic touch.

Creativity can be taught. But this conditioning has led some to never even attempt to pick up an instrument or a paintbrush, let alone draw. This is a modern-day crime. A wasted opportunity.

The therapeutic benefits of involving yourself in the creative process are well documented. Just as cannabis’ remarkable little knack for getting those creative juices flowing.

Clearly, there are those that have a naturally creative mind, and some can just translate what’s in their mind onto a canvas or into a piece of music with ease. Yet, even if we’re not going to pursue that craft as a career, that doesn’t mean we can’t all reap the benefits of the creative process.

If you feel that the spark just isn’t there, don’t worry, it will be shortly. We’re going to go over the best strains for creativity and focus.

But before we get started on the best strains for creativity and focus, let’s take a quick peek at why cannabis boosts creativity.

It’s time to release your inhibitions.


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Why Does Cannabis Help with Focus and Creativity?

Cannabis for Creativity 

When it comes to artists and visionaries that use cannabis, the list is never-ending. Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple, smoked pot for years.

Carl Sagan, the late host and astrophysicist that brought us Cosmos, was also an avid fan of cannabis. From Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Shakespeare, Salvador Dali, the use of marijuana for creativity is evident.

But the real question is why? While the evidence is somewhat scattered, there is definitely a correlation between creativity, focus and weed. 

This is most likely due to hyper-priming. Or the act of finding a correlation in 2 unlikely factors. A 2008 study at the University College of London, 38 subjects were tested with cannabis and a placebo.

Researchers found that after cannabis was consumed, automatic semantic, or hyper-priming, increased dramatically. This leads to the belief that by correlating abstracts subjects, creativity is enhanced.

Since users are more relaxed and in a state of comfort, they lose the nervousness, anxiety and inhibitions. In this case, this is freeing for people worried about their creations being judged and can open up a whole new world. 

This can explain why singing around a campfire or karaoke is amplified after smoking a joint. Some people even love cannabis for heating up the bedroom – some strains are just that good for enhancing relaxation. 

But what about focus? Why do we indulge more in the task at hand?

Cannabis for Focus and Getting In the Zone

For one, cannabis can make the repetitive and menial much more enjoyable, making it so that those with a “boring” job are able to tough it out. Yet, when it comes to focus, you can thank amotivational syndrome for that.

Amotivational syndrome is present in most long term users of cannabis. In essence, amotivational syndrome means that we get completely lost into tasks or hobbies that we enjoy. 

While this effect, unfortunately, doesn’t work for everything, art and music is something to be enjoyed rather than loathed.

In short, the correlation between cannabis and creativity and focus is still growing. There’s still plenty of room for growth on the subject to increase. What we do know is that certain strains make us more susceptible to creativity and focus.

Here are the best strains for creativity and focus for your pleasure.



9 Best Strains for Creativity and Focus


1. J1 

The J1 strain is a hybrid cross of the Jack Herer and Skunk #1 strains. This citrus and earthy combo is gaining popularity. 

It’s a relatively newer cross, but the effects have been described as light and mentally stimulating. This makes it perfect for a little creative project.

2. Lemon Thai

Lemon Thai kicks up the creative juices to another level. The robust smell of lemon is coupled with a sweet after taste. For those that are looking to write and focus, they will significantly benefit from Lemon Thai. It’s been known to produce a laser focus like none other.

If you were on the fence about bringing out that watercolour set you’ve been neglecting, let’s just say that fence is no longer an issue. 

3. Best Strains for Creativity and Focus: AK-47

This sativa-dominant hybrid is great for artistic expression and breakthroughs. The AK-47 has a high THC content but doesn’t leave you locked to the couch. You still have time for creative tasks to focus for hours on end.

You can sit back, relax and let your mind wander to far off places. 

4. Green Goblin 

Green Goblin is a direct descendant of the Green Crack phenotype. Some say that a bit of diesel has been mixed in, but that’s still up for debate. What isn’t so much up for debate is the exhilarating mental energy that is produced. 

What makes this mental energy so beneficial for creativity, is the relaxed, dream-like state that is also included. This mental state is particularly helpful for crafts, playing music, or any other art that comes to mind.

5. Duke Nukem

If you’ve ever played the video game series Duke Nukem, then you may have had a “what the bloody hell is going on” moment. Duke Nukem the strain isn’t as out of this world, but it does have a couple of parallels. Mainly being that the space your mind begins to inhabit is extra-terrestrial.

Don’t be confused with the Nuken Strain, a couch locking strain that might not be what you’re looking for!

6. Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Dream may be one of the best day time strain for creativity and focus at work. Its effects are very subtle, but the rush of euphoria is excellent for letting loose. 

Not only are the effects best used for the day time, but it also has a slight taste of coffee. Imagine that.

7. Charlotte’s Web

Potentially the most famous strain on this list, Charlotte’s Web is as unique as it is famous for stopping a child’s severe seizures. Charlotte’s Web is a high CBD strain that does not produce a high. What it does, however, is completely nullify anxiety. 

With an almost 100% reduction in anxiety, it’s easy to get lost in the art and stay focused on whatever you have going. 

8. Pineapple Thai

Pineapple Thai may be the best of both worlds. Boasting a 5% CBD ratio, it combines the creative effects of CBD and THC in perfect unison. Those who enjoy high CBD strains but also want a bit of THC will love Pineapple Thai. Efficiently making it one of the best strains for creativity and focus.

When consuming Pineapple Thai, get ready to relax and grab your guitar that’s been collecting dust.

9. Sour Jack

The Jack Herer lineage has plenty going for it. A strong history of breeders doing it justice. As well as a tendency to be a good cross with almost anything.

In the case of Sour Jack, the cross between Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, it’s hard to find a more iconic pairing. Both of these strains are well known for producing creative effects. We can expect nothing less from a 50/50 cross of both!

Creativity Isn’t Just Stationed in Art, It’s for Life

Just because people have correlated music, art and the works to creativity does not mean that it’s the end-all, be-all. A good spark of creativity can lead to many things in life.

You can finally put the finishing touches on that drafting project at work, or gain a deeper understanding of the book you’ve been reading.

Don’t just take it from us, explore the best strains for creativity and focus and see for yourself!

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