World’s Best Marijuana Strains You Have To Try At Least Once

Even for the most experienced stoners, it’s almost impossible to get up to speed with all the different strains on the market. Forget about trying to figure out what the world’s best marijuana strains are – with so many new breeds and strains hitting the market from dedicated cultivators, it can be difficult just staying in the loop!

When it comes to picking out the best marijuana strains, the difficulty lies in defining what exactly makes one strain “better” than the other. While some people do smoke cannabis to experience a great time while having a great high, others prefer using cannabis for medical and/or more pain-relieving purposes. 

The plurality of marijuana strains out – most of them having weird or silly names – makes it difficult to find out what each strain actually does. It can also create an intimidating experience where you might be looking for a great marijuana strain, but don’t know how to ask if the effects of a “Death Star” strain are right for you.

Overwhelmed with choices? Most of us are, which is why we’ve gathered our expert guides on the world’s best marijuana strains for you to peruse. 



Is The Best Marijuana Strain a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid?

Did you know that the definitions of indica vs sativa strain ‘types’ are no longer what we think? These 2 definitions used to help clearly suggest the characteristics of the effects you’d receive. 

Indica signalled a heavy, couch-lock effect with a relaxing body high, while sativa guaranteed you’d experience an uplifting, energetic head-high effect. In recent years, the gap in differences between these 2 definitions have shrunk in size. 


After 50 years of cross-hybridization, breeders have selected terpenes and cannabinoids to enhance their strains, producing hybridized strains with hybridized effects that no longer neatly conform to just these 2 categories. 

Check out the full guide on marijuana “types” for the full story. To be clear, this isn’t to say that the sativa vs. indica system is completely outdated. It’s just that you now have to look at them as ‘indica-dominant’ or “sativa-dominant”  now, depending on the hybrid strain. There will still, of course, be classic indica and sativa strains, but hybridized strains need to be treated just slightly more differently. 

Next time check with your local budtender about each strain you’re interested in as it won’t have the exact same effects as every other sativa or indica in its category, especially if it’s a hybrid.


Best Indica Strains For Every State

Another challenge when shopping for cannabis is that there are more strains than you can count on two hands and strains that target so many symptoms and induce so many different effects. Depending on your location and/or state, you might not even have access to the full range of offerings that may be typical for others. 

That’s why we’ve collated an encyclopedic guide of the best strains for each state that treat ailments including insomnia, anxiety and stress. 

Here are 2 suggestions:

Purple Urkle is a Californian staple that is considered to be one of the best medical marijuana strains for depression and anxiety as well, due to its balanced CBD to THC ratios. 

Death Star is another top recommendation as it’s 100 percent indica, so you can expect to melt into a relaxing body high that will leave you stress-free. 

If you’re ever unsure of what will be the most beneficial to your situation, you can always pull up this handy little guide, wherever you are. 


The Best Sativa Strains For Any Experience 

Certain cannabis strains like sativa-dominant strains are frequently turned to relieve mood disorders such as anxiety as well as providing relief for stress. 

While THC has been known to lead to negative side effects if too much is taken, some of the best sativa strains are high in THC content and are known to induce creativity, increase focus and even provide an uplifting effect.

Durban Poison offers intense mood elevation alongside a very focused cerebral high which usually leads to increased creativity. Sour Diesel, one of the world’s most famous strains, gives a soaring high that’s useful for reducing pain and relieving some symptoms of anxiety and depression.

However, finding the perfect strain can involve a good deal of experimentation. To remove the work in researching every single strain, we’ve crafted a carefully curated list of all the best sativa strains available for your smoking pleasure.



Guide To The Best Hybrid Strains

Want to relax but not simply fall asleep from an indica or experience the head-high of sativas? We’re always taught that the cannabis plant can be placed into 2 main categories but let’s not neglect hybrid weed.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a cerebral head high or a sink-into-the-couch state of relaxation, our list of hybrid strains includes something for everyone. From Skywalker OG and Strawberry Cough to Wedding Cake and Blue Dream, these hybrid strains are perfect for those of us who know exactly what we need out of our flower.  

This list is by no means exhaustive but you’ll be in good hands with this guide to the best hybrid strains.


Final Thoughts On The Best Marijuana Strains

Becoming familiar with the best strains and their effects is crucial to having the best experience you can.

Now that you’ve researched and read up on not just some of the bombest weed, but some of the world’s best marijuana strains, why not head on over to our Ganja Dispatch store and try some out for yourself?

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