The Best Indica Strains for Every State: Pain, Anxiety, Depression and More

Going down a list of cannabis strains can be daunting. A quick browse online will likely display hundreds, if not thousands of strains to choose from. This makes finding a strain that suits your needs a nightmare of a task. 

To help you sleep easy, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best Indica strains and their associated effects for you.

If you’re unsure whether an Indica or Sativa strain will be the most beneficial for your situation, you can always refer to this handy little article. 

Best Indica Strains for Pain and Arthritis

Critical Mass

Also referred to as CBD Critical Mass, Critical Mass is an excellent Indica for pain and arthritis due to its high CBD content. This high CBD content makes it perfect for new and veteran cannabis users alike. The Critical Mass strain is a cross of the Skunk and Afghani 1 strains, punctuated by its sweet and earthy smells.

Super Skunk

As a very close “cousin” of the previously mentioned Critical Mass, Super Skunk is also a cross of Skunk and Afghani Strains. While very similar to Critical Mass, Super Skunk is a bit more pungent and a slightly heaving on the sedation. 

Master Bubba

A thoroughbred Indica, Master Bubba, is the cross between Master Kush and Bubba Kush, two predominantly heavier setting Indicas. Its dense buds and musky smell is very characteristic of a robust sedating Indica. Its pain and arthritis reducing properties make it one of the best Indicas currently on the market.

Zombie OG

While the name may refer to it bringing you back from the dead, this is only because it’s strength is in reducing your pains so that you can live a happy and wholesome life once again. Another heavy hitter, Zombie OG is the cross between OG Kush and Blackberry. If looking to use during the day, start slow, as too much may keep you at bay, as it’s known as a “couch-lock” strain.


Afgooey, which is also referred to as Afgoo, rounds of our list of best Indica’s for pain and arthritis. Due to its high concentration of THC, which can be clocked up to 20%, it makes it a perfect strain to rid yourself of those aching pains and stubborn arthritis. 

The only downfall, just like Zombie OG, too much and you could find yourself trapped to the couch. However, by starting slow, you won’t need to worry about this effect much, hence why Afgooey is regarded as one of the better medicinal strains of cannabis.




Best Indica Strains for Depression

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple, or GDP for short, is the cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud.  A flavourful strain that’s heavy on the grape and berry is well known for its euphoric effects. Users have often noted that their life feels very stress-free after consuming GDP. 

Bubba Kush

Another of the best Indica strains out there is Bubba Kush. Bubba Kush is a staple in any recreational and medicinal marijuana user’s cabinet as it has one of the most well-balanced arrays of benefits known to the medicinal cannabis world. 

Truthfully, many of these subcategories could include Bubba Kush, but as its depression reducing effects are almost like no other strain, it’s best to include it as one of the favoured Indica hybrid strains to deal with depression.

Purple Urkle

As we had mentioned, Granddaddy Purple is descendent from the Purple Urkle lineage, a potent Indica strain. A Californian stape, this strain is believed to date back to the 1980s and is regarded as one of the first medical marijuana strains in modern-day Western medicine. With high concentrations of CBD and THC, the balance also makes it an astounding medication for not only depression but anxiety as well.

LA Confidential

Origination from a cross between Afghani and Californian Indicas, LA confidential has gained endorsement from famous rappers Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg. Last time we checked, there’s never been a frown on Snoop Dogg’s face, at least not in public. With that being said, LA Confidential is best kept for intermediate and experienced smokers. However, as with any strain, starting with just a tiny amount can result in plenty of medicinal benefits without the sleepy and tiredness associated with some Indica strains.

Purple Kush

A Canadian classic, Purple Kush a 100% Indica cross between the Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush strains. The sweet and berry combo of these 2 larger than life strains is easily one of the best Indica strains for depression with a knack for creating a stress-free environment in minutes. 



Best Indica Strains for Insomnia 

Blue Cheese

While certain strains may have a name that has absolutely nothing to do with the characteristics of the strains profile, Blue Cheese is far from that. The second you catch a whiff of Blue Cheese, you know exactly what it is right away. That being said, just like eating far too much cheese, Blue Cheese will put you into a sleepy haze that’ll have you calling for your bed in no time.

Grape Ape

Originating from the legendary growing team and Barney’s Farms, Grape Ape is a cross between Mendocino Purps, Skunk and Afghani genetic strains. Its berry and grape tasting buds are sweet to the taste and easily spotted by its extremely dense buds. Grape Ape has a profound and relaxing effect that will slowly but surely swallow you into and good night’s sleep.


Named after the Star Trek Romulan, it’ll have you floating amongst the stars, using your bed or couch as the vessel for travel. While it has crept more into the hybrid realm of strains, Romula hasn’t lost the sedating effects that have garnered it the reputation as one of the best Indica strains for insomnia.

9 Pound Hammer

If you really can’t fall asleep and need a put me to sleep right away strain, 9 Pound Hammer is your best friend. Just like getting beat in the head with a hammer, you can expect to be lights out any minute. But what else would you really expect from a strain that’s a cross between Hells OG, Goo Berry and Jack the Ripper, some of the most notoriously sleepy strains known to man? Therefore, making it hands down a top Indica strain for insomnia. 




Best Indica Strains for Anxiety

Sweet Tooth

Unlike Sweet Tooth, the deranged character from Twisted Metal, the Sweet Tooth relieves anxiety, not create ample amounts of it. Winning 1st place at the Cannabis Cup in 2001 is no easy task, and Sweet Tooth lived up to the challenge. It’s balanced uplifting and euphoric effects take the edge off and is great for social situations.

Pre-98 Bubba Kush

Although Pre-98 Bubba Kush tastes almost like drinking a cup of coffee, the effects are far from it. Known to mellow out its users, with no jittery anxiety involved in this strain. Those who suffer from depression or a combination of depression and anxiety will greatly benefit from the positive effects of Pre-98 Bubba Kush.

Vanilla Kush

While there’s a huge possibility that one has nothing to do with the other, is there anything as relaxing as smelling vanilla? Vanilla Kush is a crossbreed of Kashmiri Hash Plant and Afghani Kush, both strains that offer euphoric and relaxing traits. There’s something about vanilla that makes any and everyone happy, so it’s no wonder that Vanilla Kush has the same result.

Yoda OG

Strong with the anxiety relief this one is. If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen how tranquil Yoda is. Nothing phases him, even while staring death right in its face. Now it’s tough to gain that level of calm and serenity, but Yoda OG comes close. There’s without a doubt that this makes Yoda OG one of the best Indica strains for anxiety.

Knowledge is Wealth 

While it may sound cliche, it’s true that for many ailments there’s a strain for that. While of course, cannabis is far from a cure-all, its ability to curb pain, help relieve a plethora of mental issues and help those who need a good night’s sleep. Thus they can finally stop counting sheep and count their hours asleep.

As we’ve mentioned, there are more strains than you can count on your hands and toes. This makes it that much more important to stay well informed on special strain effects and benefits.


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