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10 Safety and Health Benefits of Vaping Weed

The health benefits of vaping weed shouldn’t come as no surprise, given its clear differences over smoking.

But did you know that vaping benefits also pertain to safety and to the environment? along with your privacy?

Here, in this article, we’ve put our heads together and compiled the 10 MOST important benefits of vaping weed, from all the aspects mentioned.

And by the time you’re finished reading, you might have a slight urge to purchase a vape yourself.

So without further ado, let’s begin.


10 Most Important Safety and Health Benefits of Vaping Weed

Figure 1: Choosing to vape has numerous health benefits, such as a avoiding the consumption of carcinogens and a better dose of cannabis compounds.


Benefits of Vaping #1: Reduces Consumption of Tar and Toxins

Before you point to all of the bad press around digital pens and vaporizers, there is one key note we’d like to point out:

All of the research to date is focused almost exclusively on vaping tobacco.

Still, the findings are incredible. For instance, consider that if all smokers switched to vaporizing tobacco, they would see a collective 3.3 million years added back on to their lives.

Which is only possible  because of the heating method used in vaping, which almost completely moves away from combustion, therefore, reducing the 7,000-plus substances entering the body.

The same also goes for vaping marijuana, be it CBD oil, dry flower or concentrate. Simply put, vaping means fewer toxins and tars enter our cardiopulmonary system, which in turn, reduces our risk of having a coughing fit at the least, and, at most, severe bronchitis and cancer.


Benefits of Vaping #2: Easier on the lungs

Taken with the first reason, it should come as no surprise that vaping is much easier on the lungs.

But you don’t have to take our word for it!

A 2010 study took 20 daily cannabis users who reported having respiratory issues around shortness of breath and phlegm and asked them to switch to a digital vape pen. After just one month of using this delivery mechanism, they recorded an improvement in overall respiratory function.

This is great for both the recreational and medicinal user, especially if either have a limiting condition that only allows them to take shorter tokes.


Benefits of Vaping #3: Fast Acting

When using a vaporizer, patients and other users can expect an almost instantaneous onset of relief in just one to three minutes. What’s more, the user is likely to feel the effects for one to three hours.

And while the same could be said for traditional smoking, as both enter directly to the brain and heart, vaping can be more incremental  versus a pre-roll or similar that must be consumed in one go.

Additionally, using a combustive means in which to dose means destroying 10- to 25-percent of the cannabinoids meant for providing relief (e.g., THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and so forth).


Benefits of Vaping #4:  Skips the Liver

Just like smoking, using a vaporizer is perfect for those who many need instant and fast-acting relief from pain, anxiety, nausea, and other life-limiting symptoms from PTSD, cancer, or trauma.


Vaping weed means a quick delivery to the brain and heart via the lungs and bloodstream with no layover in the digestive system (think edibles).

For instance, numerous studies indicate that vaporizing is one of the most effective methods in taking CBD because of it’s fast-acting results. These studies show for patients with absorption rates between 34 to 46 percent, the most beneficial compounds can reach our system in less than 10 minutes.

Compare that with marijuana edibles, which can take up to 2 hours for any sort of relief to be felt.


Figure 2: Vaping Cannabis also holds environmental benefits of smoking, as the use of lighters, unsustainable bongs and other accessories are no longer needed. Just make sure your vaporizer is recyclable.


Benefits of Vaping #5: Not use of Open Flames or Other Plastics and Glass

Everyone’s seen that anti-big tobacco advert wherein someone falls asleep, allowing a still smoldering cigarette to dangle precariously before dropping to the floor and resulting in a catastrophic fire.

So, why risk it?

Vaping not only means no combustion of any flammable material (i.e., no open flames) as it relies on heating elements via electric cable, chord, charger, or batter, but also no lighters, ashtrays, expensive bongs, or other equipment.


Benefits of Vaping #6: Enjoyable Home Experience

No longer will you have to seek treatment in the bathroom or kitchen for fear of introducing noxious gases into the rest of your home as vaping offers a number of stationary vaporizers. These are also known as table-top vapes.

And the best part?  They still rely on the efficient convection heating method to create cannabis vapor.

The bad part?  Er, the cost (i.e., north of $500!).


Benefits of Vaping #7:  More and Better Cannabis Per Dose

For those unfamiliar, vapor is not the same as smoke, it’s a lot richer in cannabinoids and terpenoids, and free of combustion tars and toxins. So you’ll receive a much more pure cannabis experience.

But not only this, vaping weed can evenly heat your cannabis, be it dry flower or concentrate. This means you’ll get even more tokage from each cannabis product than you would otherwise receive from smoking, saving you plenty of hard earned dollars.


Benefits of Vaping #8: Discreet in Smell and Usage

It’s no secret that marijuana has a very distinct smell.

And while most consumers enjoy it, those who don’t may not be as inviting to the odor.

Whether it’s your work place that has strict policies or your wanting to be respectful of family or friends, vaping let’s you medicate discreetly.

Vaporizing cannabis is virtually odorless, and with digital  vape pens that fit right in your pocket you can take your medicine on the go without anyone noticing.

Better yet, it’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can medicate at the drop of a hat and not feel like you’re being ‘judged’ while doing so.


Figure 3: As studies continue to evolve around vaping weed, you can expect its real medical efficacy to unfold. As for now, its benefits already sit on many findings.


Benefits of Vaping #9:  MANY Option to Choose From

Speaking of paranoia or feeling watched, vaping cannabis means you have more options in which to consume marijuana.

You have access to all the different dry flower strains with a great dry herb vaporizer.  You have access to all the different oils, whether it be isolates or full spectrum CBD. You also have access to the pre-installed cartridges that are lab tested for quality assurance and potency.

The latter is especially important as it provide vape fanatics with peace of mind from the potential pesticides, unwanted residues and other contaminants  found in moldy weed and impure concentrates.


Benefits of Vaping #10: Socially Acceptable and Mother Earth Approved

And as if you needed another reason to switch from smoking to vaping your cannabis, well, there’s the environment to think about.

With cigarettes, there are numerous by-products that go into one pre-roll. While the latter is more environmentally-conscious than anything made by Big Tobacco, there are still considerable reductions in the number of trees that need to be cut down.

This is not to mention the poor air quality that results after lighting up either.

Consider, too, that butts are micro-litter and can take up to 12 years to decay whilst vape cartridges are recyclable and vaporizers (second- and third-gen only) are reusable. A cartridge is said to save up to 60 cigarette butts!


Benefits of Vaping Weed Explained

So, while we hope to have convinced you to, at the very least, try this digital, twenty-first century means of making your marijuana journey safer, more discreet, and healthier, we’ll leave you to be the ultimate judge.

Just know that vaping benefits are real! And as its tech continues to evolve, expect its benefits too as well. 

Thanks for reading!


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